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What's inside?

  • Maternity Bag List, to have everything ready when it's the big day!
  • Birth Plan, to share your preferences with your care team
  • Poster with Active Birth Position, for pain relief
  • 4 Mantras to help you remain positive during labor

"The best printable pack for busy moms who like to be organized"

How we turned the Labor and Delivery's experience around
and what it means for you:

Mathilde and I, mothers to multiple kids (4 for Mathilde and 3 for me!), are originally from France (hence the "Oui" Parent ;-)) and moved to the Bay Area where we began our parenting journeys without any family nearby for support.

We know that you know how it feels! It's scary and generates a lot of anxiety! That's why we thought of all the new parents who might be experiencing the same and it was an evidence for us to create a supporting platform where you can get science-backed information, meeting experts and join a community of like-minded parents who are growing together.

With Mathilde’s Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Masters in Psychology and my Entrepreneurial mindset, we've gathered a team of experts who are so generous and devoted to support you along your journey.

We know of the amount of information out there and we want you to find COMPLETE courses, full of science-backed information and support from experts to empower you to have the most memorable experience.

We also know that time is of essence! With all the content out there (don't let us start on those addictive TikTok and reels! ) you need to have access to content in a short and easy-to-digest format to be able to remember it.

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