Go from not knowing what to expect  to feeling empowered, in control and in the know with the 

Complete Labor and Delivery Course

What to expect? How to connect with your partner? What are the best coping techniques,...

Go from not knowing what to expect to feeling empowered, in control and in the know
with the 

Complete Labor and Delivery Course

What to expect?
How to connect with your partner?
What are the best coping techniques,...

Go from not knowing what to expect to feeling empowered, in control and in the know
with the 

Complete Labor and Delivery Course

What to expect?
How to connect with your partner?
What are the best coping techniques,...

Avoid the mistakes most new parents make
when they enter the delivery room! 

"This is by far the best prep for labor I have seen!

This is much more focused on what the mother needs to know. The speaker is very engaging! " Maggie

What's included?


To prepare you to the different phases of labor. 5 opportunities to ask questions and learn the variety of techniques available to you.


5 Experts answer the most frequently asked questions. They cover all the topics. A real added-value in your learning journey.


Our members enjoy access to our online community of like-minded parents. Our groups are a great place to ask questions, offer advice, get support, and make friends


With a one-time payment, you'll have access to the course and any updates for as long as it exists.

How is
Oui Parent different than other 
pregnancy course?

  • Short videos to learn on the go, we make Parents' lives easier!
  • Choose between video or audio tracks to listen during one of your walks.
  • We know you are busy and probably tired! We get straight to the point and give you tools and techniques you can easily incorporate into your life.

How we turned the Labor and Delivery's experience around
and what it means for you:

Mathilde and I, mothers to multiple kids (4 for Mathilde and 3 for me!), are originally from France (hence the "Oui" Parent ;-)) and moved to the Bay Area where we began our parenting journeys without any family nearby for support.

We know that you know how it feels! It's scary and brings up so many questions! That is what motivated us to create a supportive platform for new parents where you can get science-backed information, meet experts, and join a community of like-minded parents who are growing together.

With Mathilde’s Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Masters in Psychology and my Entrepreneurial mindset, we've gathered a team of experts who are generous and devoted to support you along your journey.

There is so much information online, and it can be difficult to tell good advice from bad. But the Oui Parent Labor and Delivery course consists of evidence-based information and expert support to empower you to have the most memorable experience.

We also know that your time is valuable! With all the advice out there (#MomTok, anyone?), you need to have access to short and easy-to-digest content. 

Introducing the Complete Labor and Delivery Course

Going into labor is a synonym of excitement, but also of unknown territory.
Our midwife tells you everything you need to know, so you feel empowered and can make informed decisions for you and your baby

  • How will you know labor started? - There are signs and things leading to the beginning of labor, we'll describe to you what they are!
  • When should you contact your healthcare provider? - So you'll know when is a good time to start going to your birthing center.
  • What will happen during labor?  - There are specific phases that leads to the delivery of your baby, recognize them to feel empowered on what's next!
  • Birth Resources - Printable and suggestions in case you are looking to learn even more!
  • Introduction (1'11'')
  •  Part 1 - Preparing for Labor and Delivery  (7'09'')
  •  Part 2 - Signs of Labor (4'36'')
  •  Part 3 - First Stage of Labor (10'17'')
  •  Part 4 - Second Stage of Labor  (6'49'')
  •  Part 5 - Third Stage of Labor  (2'19'')
  •  Part 6 - Skin to Skin  (1'44'')
  • Part 7 - Cesarean  (6'00'') 
  • Conclusion (0'44'')
  • Birth Resources

Labor and birth is probably one of the most intense moment of any woman's life, it's also one of the most physically painful.
But fear not, there are ways to alleviate some of the pain that comes with it.
Reviewing those different techniques will help you know your different options when it comes to managing pain during labor.

Our Amazing Midwife, Carlee-Ann Brown will tell you everything you need to know about:  

  • Coping Measures - Tips to have the most enjoyable birthing experience.
  • Medications - So you'll know what doctors and nurses might suggest you.
  • Common Interventions - Taking decision on the spot is pretty hard when you in labor! Get to know what are all the possibilities so you can take the BEST decision for your family.
  • Birth Resources - Printable and suggestions in case you are looking to learn even more!
  • Introduction (0'52'')
  • Part 1 - Coping (3'56'')
  • Part 2 - Coping Options (21'59'')
  • Part 3 - Medications (6'27'')
  • Part 4 - Common Intervention (9'28'')
  • Birth Resources

Being there by a woman’s side when she becomes a mother is such an honor and one of the most intense moments you can share with her. But it can also feel overwhelming to watch someone you dearly love be in pain.
Knowing how you can be supportive both physically and mentally will be empowering to you and essential to help the future mama. Indeed science shows that women who feel supported during labor usually will need less medical procedures.
Our midwife shares with you the best way to be a supportive partner during labor

  • Partner's Role in Late Pregnancy - How can he support you and show you that he cares? What effective tips you need? 
  • Partner's Role During Labor - Having your partner during birth is essential and we will tell you why.
  • Partner's Role Once Baby is Born - We are addressing a lot of opportunities that your birth partner can support you and the baby after birth.
  • Birth Resources - Printable and suggestions in case you are looking to learn even more!
  • Introduction (2'13'')
  • Part 1 -Partner's Role in Late Pregnancy  (4'51'')
  • Part 2 - Partner's Role During Labor - Part 1  (10'48'')
  • Part 2 - Partner's Role During Labor - Part 2  (13'39'')
  • Part 3 - Partner's Role Once Baby is Born  (6'33'')
  • Birth Resources

A lot of resource is available if you want to prepare your body and mind for labor and birth. We are going through the most effective ones and invite you to discuss those topics with your physician to see if it's safe for you to use them.

  • Food consumption - what is the benefit of eating or drinking specific fruits and how to prepare them?
  • Exercise - what type of exercises are known to help prepare for labor and delivery?
  • Relaxation - There are great ways to relax your body during your pregnancy and we support you with those techniques.
  • Birth Resources - Printable and suggestions in case you are looking to learn even more!
  • Introduction (0'28'')
  • Part 1 - From 32 to 37 weeks   (4'34'')
  • Part 2 - At 38 weeks   (8'57'')
  • Birth Resources

Who better than a partner to share with you their experience about labor, than an expert coach who went through it himself?

Note: this class is for partner, spouse and any birth partner!  

Our Amazing Coach, Paul Humes, will tell you everything you need to know about:  

  • How to be Supportive?  - What does it represent to be present for the person who is in labor?
  • Emotional Management - How to behave? What is happening? 
  • Preparation- We will share quick tips on how to prepare and be present.
  • Birth Resources - Printable and suggestions in case you are looking to learn even more!
  • Introduction (2'35'')
  • Part 1 - Physical Support  (2'13'')
  • Part 2 - Emotional Support and Advocacy  (2'36'')
  • Part 3 - Takeaways Partner Perspective for Labor Day  (0'38'')
  • Birth Resources

Our team of experts answer in short videos, the questions they get asked the most frequently

FAQ with our Certified Midwife, Carlee-Ann Brown

12 Videos 

  • Is it necessary to prepare your perineum before giving birth? 
  • How will I know I'm in labor?
  • How painful is labor?
  • What are coping techniques I can use during labor?
  • Can I eat or drink during my delivery?
  • Can I chose my position to give birth?
  • What are common interventions?
  • Episiotomy: When is it essential?
  • How do I reduce the risk of tearing?
  • What medical staff will be in the room when I give birth?
  • Will my baby be bathed directly after delivery?
  • Can I go to the toilet after giving birth?
FAQ with Anesthetist, Dr. Robert Singleton

6 Videos 

  • Epidural: What is it?
  • Giving birth WITH an epidural? Benefits & Risks
  • Giving birth WITHOUT an epidural? Benefits & Risks
  • What is best: with or without epidural?
  • What is a walking epidural?
  • What is your advice for an optimal birth experience?
FAQ with our Pediatrician, Dr. Molly O'Shea

4 Videos 

  • Is it bad for baby if I get an epidural?
  • Should my baby get the hepatitis B vaccine in the hospital?
  • Should I circumcised my baby boy?
  • What should I do for my baby's umbilical cord?
FAQ with our Coach for Dads and Partners, Paul Humes

1 Video 

  • Labor Room: What does it look like? What will be my role? 
FAQ with our Lactation Consultant, Shelby Abramson

9 Videos 

  • When should I decide whether or not I will breastfeed my baby?
  • What should I do to prepare my breasts for breastfeeding?
  • When will I nurse my baby for the first time?
  • When will my milk come in?
  • How to make sure the hospital will follow my feeding choice for my baby?
  • What are your tips for a successful start to breastfeeding?
  • How can I breastfeed if I have a Cesarian birth?
  • What if I don't have milk to breastfeed? 
  • Is it normal If I experience pain while breastfeeding?

Ask questions, request feedback, or offer ideas. Share your learning experience with other parents and experts in the community who are on their journey to positive parenting. 

Our Course is packed with information that you will love and use, we added a cherry on the top by offering you access to Bonuses that are worth more than the course!

"Yes! I'm ready to be empowered by learning what to expect with the Complete Labor and Delivery Course."

  • It's Time Saving! You won't have to comb the internet to find a trusted source of information.
  • It's Money Saving! The Ebook, printables, and access to experts cost less than half of what it would cost for these tools individually.
  • You'll Build Relationships within our Oui Parent community, Find support, advice, and expert tips while also making friends.
  • It brings you clarity when you already have so much on your brain!

"I may not be a new Parent, but my last pregnancy happened in Australia, and it was more than 7 years ago.
Having access to this course blew my mind! I learned so much. I loved to have access to the Experts FAQ. I didn't know I needed some of the information I got there! "

Cassie S.
Pregnant with the 2nd one - 7 years apart

For us, becoming a parent starts with pregnancy and doesn’t really end!
 That’s why we are developing courses to be as extensive as possible on the topics that matter to you.

We will be there along the way, throughout your whole parenting life... if you want!


The Complete Labor and Delivery course is only available for a limited time at this special rate! 

We know you have a lot of things to purchase before baby arrives! (Yes, we have a checklist for that!)
You will pay nowhere near that because we want this to be an easy YES for you to start on your parenting journey.

Just to help you do the math: The total value of our bonuses is $84.5! 

The Complete Labor and Delivery Course Customer Guarantee

These proven labor and delivery methods we are sharing have been tested over the last 15 years.
They work and they'll keep you informed on what's happening during each stage of labor and delivery.

We are so confident in our program that if you aren’t satisfied we will apply an equivalent credit toward your purchase of any of our other services if you notify our team within 30 days of purchase date. 

This training is for parents to be who are committed to learning and are interested in science-backed information.

We don’t want this to be another piece of info to collect dust on your digital bookshelf.

The Complete Labor and Delivery Course is primed and ready to be enjoyed all year long. Once you sign up, you will have lifetime access to the resources and can come back to it for future pregnancies.

  Our goal for you is to give you all the important labor and delivery information other parents wish they had known before. With our course you can have the most enjoyable delivery possible. 

How will this course benefit you?

Are you overwhelmed with all the information out there?

You might be! and that's OK! We've all been there!
How do you separate the truth from the myths?
What are all those specific terms?
Will I learn the important information before my due date?

We, as course creators, are connecting you
with the relevant experts so you don't have to search
the internet to find the best information! It’s all right here!

REAL interactions with our experts. 

Our course gives you access to pre-recorded video as well as our member platform and resource center.

Need more one-on-one help? We are developing an option to book an appointment directly with the expert of your choice through our platform. Send us an email/fill out this form if you want to meet one of them before we launch this service, we’ll do our best to connect you with your requested expert!

Get your questions answered and feel empowered!

All the information you need, right at your fingertips. 

You have SO much on your to do list! We make it simple.
Our platform allows you to watch videos at your own pace
and download your printables to add to your birth plan,
or to share with your family to get the extra support you need!

You'll have LIFETIME access to the content.
Ready to be downloaded at any time. 

Who is it for/not for?

This course is NOT right for parents who:

  • Believe that giving birth is so natural, it shouldn't need to be taught
  • Don't believe in science-backed information
  • Want to watch hours of YouTube videos with contradicting information
  • Believe they can do everything by themselves

This course IS for anyone who:

  • Wants to hear from experts who have delivered more than 300 babies.
  • Wants to understand what is happening in your brain and in your body when you are in active labor 
  • Wants to know what to ask the delivery team to get what you want
  • Wants to include their birth partner in the delivering experience

Course Pricing

The Complete Labor and Delivery Course

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One last thing we would like to share with you:

Regardless of whether or not you decide to join our course at the promotional price, we encourage you to begin setting aside money to afford the team of professionals who will support and guide you for your delivery right now.

Take it from us, and learn from our mistakes: Giving birth in America can be pricey and we know so many parents who wish they had had access to a program like this.

Some of you already know this is EXACTLY what you have been looking for. You’re ready to get empowered and prepared for your delivery journey.

Don't wait until your due date is just around the corner.  Start learning now before you are exhausted and stressed out.

Invest in yourself now to be prepared for your due date.

The only thing that can make our program any better is having you right there alongside us!

Anne-Sophie and Mathilde,
Founders of Oui Parent
Positive Parenting Addicts

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This course is not the only thing you'll need!

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Always science-backed and verified information.

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DISCLAIMER: Your safety is really important to us! This course was created for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment provided by a physician or other licensed healthcare professional. Please consult them if you have any questions. If you think you have a medical emergency, call your doctor, go to the ER, or call 911 immediately.