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The Complete Labor & Delivery Course

What to expect during labor and birth
What are the comfort measures available to you
How to connect with your partner during labor

Newborn & The 4th Trimester

Baby is here, so many things are changing.
How do I bond with my baby?
What if I don't "bounce back" as quickly as I want?

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Meet our Experts:

Dr. Mathilde Cerioli

Cognitive Neurosciences, Positive Discipline

Dr. Molly O'Shea, MD

Pediatrician, Consultant,
Parent Coach, Speaker

Carlee Ann Brown

Certified Professional Midwife, LM, MSM 

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  • Founded by 2 mothers who've seen all the difficulties of raising children with the constant evolution of information
  • Backed by experts in their field, our tools ensure you receive relevant information, not trends.
  • Courses made for busy and active parents who don't have the time to sit in front of a computer for hours!
  • Moderated community to unite like-minded parents who want to learn and share experiences.

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 "I have recently moved out-of-state and have to build my network from scratch. I am glad I found Oui Parent on Facebook. I am pregnant with my first baby, and I didn't know where I could find relevant information about my labor options" 

Pregnant with Summer Baby 2022

About us

Founders of OUI PARENT

When it comes to parenting, Mathilde and Anne-Sophie have had a lot of first-hand experience. Because they’re not busy enough with almost 7 kids between them, they want to make sure other expecting parents have the community and support that they were always looking for during their pregnancies.  

With Mathilde’s Ph.D. in Neuroscience and Masters in Psychology and Anne-Sophie’s entrepreneur background, they have created Oui Parent, a platform to assist expecting parents from pregnancy to birth and beyond.    

Oui Parent provides access to experts, classes, educational topics, and a community of like-minded parents to help prepare moms and dads for the wild and beautiful ride that is parenting.

That is why they want YOU to have all the tools and resources to say OUI to your parenting journey!

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